About us

A new kind of energy transition company

Pulse Clean Energy is here to create real change, fast. Our nimble, data-led mindset will mean we can recognise and overcome the shifting obstacles to progress, our desire for collaboration will mean that our work can benefit the energy system as a whole, and our unshakeable values will mean that we strive to make decisions that are fair, ethical and sustainable.

Leaders in battery storage

Battery storage is needed to enable the level of intermittent renewables required to achieve net zero. We are filling the void in infrastructure that can shift power from when it is produced to when it is needed.

We stand by our values

We’re here to help solve a problem and make the world a better place. If that
sounds like a grand ambition, it’s because it is – and it influences everything we do, from ensuring sustainability across our supply chains to improving lives in the regions we serve.

We’re taking diesel off the grid

One of the first things we did to demonstrate our support for the UK’s net zero strategy was to invest in nine diesel generation sites, which we are decommissioning to repurpose as battery storage and energy optimisation sites.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are a key enabler to manage the intermittency of clean energy sources such as Wind and Solar. The supply chain to support the energy transition including BESS needs to scale up massively to meet the long term demand. Pulse is committed to finding new ways this can be done to ensure we build a robust ESG framework across our complete delivery model, in order to achieve Net Zero targets sustainably.

Building a stable and sustainable energy system is critical to ensuring our planet and its people can continue to thrive. We think that’s something worth fighting for – and we’re ready and able to make our contribution.