Balancing the clean energy networks of tomorrow

Enabling the renewables transition

The vision of a net zero energy system is moving closer to the realm of the possible – but the material increase in renewable generation required to underpin it has also created new challenges. For this vision to become a reality, we need to invest in infrastructure that bridges the gap between the energy that communities and businesses need and the intermittency inherent in renewable generation.

Through innovation in energy storage and optimisation, we enable an energy network that runs entirely carbon free.

Investing in tomorrow

Our overarching purpose is to provide the balance and stability needed to ensure renewable energy technologies can thrive. But our focus goes beyond energy, to the communities that depend on it. Having the power to do good is what motivates us, and every decision we make is governed by unshakeable ethical and sustainable values.

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The energy networks of tomorrow can’t be built under today’s rules. It’s time to start doing things differently

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